WizeFloor is an award-winning projection system transforming virtually any setting into a fun, immersive and interactive space!

Introducing WizeFloor Pro - a ceiling-mounted professional solution adding to the existing WizeFloor range.
Designed for fun and engaging interactive installations in museums and attractions, retail and leisure spaces, education hubs and entertainment spaces.

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Why choose WizeFloor?

Activate The Mind & Body

Collaborate & Communicate

Kinaesthetic & Visual Learning

All Subjects, Ages and Abilities

Quick & Easy To Set Up & Use

Affordable Solution


"WizeFloor provides a fantastic opportunity for collaborative learning with many of the activities requiring teamwork." - Teacher

Games & Activities

Interactive learning activities to suit any subject, age and ability

Plus Much More!

Design and adapt games and activities to suit any age, subject and ability with the Create Package.

*Included with the Create License only

See how easy it is to create your own content!

WizeFloor ready-to-play games and activities suit a range of ages, subjects and abilities. One-off purchase, no subscription fees!

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